Online Courses & Webinars with Mike Domitrz

The Center for Respect was formerly The Date Safe Project.

"Education Through Engagement" online course with Mike Domitrz

Discover unique and proven presentation skills for making a greater impact in reducing sexual violence. Your instruct...

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"Ask Mike" LIVE Monthly Webinar

Each month, join Mike Domitrz LIVE online in a 1-Hour thought-provoking and insightful conversation where Mike answer...

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Voices of Courage - eBook and Audio Book

Read 12 survivors of sexual assault's powerful journeys OR listen to each survivor read his or her chapter directly to you (including 12 bonus interviews in the audio book). You get one of the most openly telling books ever written from the viewpoint of survivors. Each survivor takes you on a journey that will inspire you. In Voices of Courage, you will be reading and listening to a book that is changing lives around the world!