Your Host: Mike Domitrz.


Mike Domitrz, Your Expert Instructor

Mike Domitrz, founder of The Center for Respect, is a critically-acclaimed speaker, trainer, author, and media resource whom has been inspiring individuals with his passion and energy for Creating a Culture of Respect for over two decades. You will be learning from a speaker who school systems, universities, the US Military, corporations, and organizations turn to as the subject matter expert for building a culture of respect.

Mike has been a featured guest expert on a Dateline NBC special series and been quoted in international publications ranging from Forbes to The Wall Street Journal. No question throws Mike off. 

Imagine presenting programs on a topic almost no one in your audience wants to discuss — but everyone is required to attend. Mike regularly faces this exact scenario. For this reason, Mike is able to share experiences and skill sets few speakers and trainers have acquired. You will be working with the only Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) in the world who has conducted such a large volume of training on these topics for the US Military on four continents.  

Whether participating in Mike's online course or webinars, you will quickly discover he holds nothing back. You are learning from someone who cares deeply about your success. Participants will be challenged. People rave about what a lasting impact he has — with his high energy, his unique approach and how he leaves each person with specific skill sets they can implement immediately in their own lives. 

You will be guided by a professional who has always had a deep passion for coaching and teaching. While just a teenager, Mike was coaching younger children. By the time he was in his twenties, he was the High School Coach of the Year after leading a team to its first state championship.

Twenty years later, organizations, including the US Military and businesses, seek out Mike to conduct intense, in-depth trainings for developing speakers and trainers. Today, you can get all of Mike's experience and wisdom — in one place — for creating an impactful and lasting transformation in the lives of others: here at the Center for Respect's Online Training Center. 

PLUS: Mike Domitrz is a Certified Virtual Presenter.

To receive this certification, a professional must complete a certification process which includes a live test using virtual presentation skills with an evaluator. This process insures you get a trainer who can handle any potential challenges and/or technical difficulties in virtual presentations.

Have Mike Customize a Live Training for Your Organization

Click here or call us at 800-329-9390 to discuss having Mike tailor a live virtual training or an entire training series for your organization. Want Mike to speak at an upcoming event? Let us know.

"Being able to interact with Marines and sailors in a way that opened up their mind to different approaches to situations often seen in society was the best aspect of the presentation. "

Staff Sgt. Jared Stiles
Calibration Chief, Marine Base of Hawaii

"Mike Domitrz is the ultimate professional in the speaking industry. He cares deeply about helping each individual and does so by giving everything to everyone (he does not hold anything back). His combination of integrity, passion, and giving spirit are inspiring and the reason so many of us in the National Speakers Association continually seek him out."

Chad Hymas
Hall-of-Fame Speaker and Author of Best-Selling Book, Doing What Must Be Done

"Since you came I have not only heard discussions from my staff but also the students about consent and bystander intervention. Already this year students are coming forward quickly to hold their fellow students responsible for sexual harassment as well as other offenses. Survivors are coming forward and my staff is open and ready to care. The day after the event I saw your post-it notes all over the halls. One note on a door read simply ‘I’m here for you.’ It about broke my heart with joy. Thank you for what you do. "

Kate Flowers
Residence Life Southern Utah University (UT)

Online Courses & Webinars with Mike:

"2020 Transformational Training" Online Course

Discover unique and proven presentation skills for making a greater impact in reducing sexual violence. You will gain specific . . .

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