"invaluable and transformative"

"I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to become an effective trainer or presenter.  The course is well organized, but more importantly, it's interactive.  Mike Domitrz engages with students throughout each module and constantly provides positive constructive feedback and recommendations for improvement.  The one-on-one coaching in the "Q&As" and “Hot Seat” sessions are invaluable and transformative."

Kris, SARC

"Mastery Skills Path for Trainers & Educators"
Course & Community led by Mike Domitrz

Overcome the Challenges Trainers & Educators Face Addressing Sexual Violence & Consent. 

Get precise How-To skills and strategies for further strengthening and mastering your ability to positively impact those you teach and conduct trainings for by learning first-hand with Mike Domitrz. You get 18 lessons included!!


Earn up to 24 C.E.U.s

"great learning opportunity"

"I highly recommend this training to anyone seeking to transform their presentation into a great learning opportunity for those they train! I have presented to multiple levels of leadership within many organizations. Going through Mike's online training has given me an opportunity to really focus on what I want the takeaways to be. Plus, I have been able to thoughtfully put together a easy to follow and very intentional training without losing any of the content."

Hali, Survivor and Advocate

Looking for C.E.U.s?

You will have the option to earn up to more than 24 C.E.U.s with all that is included in this program. When you complete each module, you get a "Certificate of Completion" emailed to you. You choose which modules you want.

12 Live & Online Learning Modules Launched over 12 months.


  • Guest Experts, Authors, & Speakers
  • REACTING - to news stories, rumors, and more.
  • Creating "Buy In" with Leadership and Administration.
  • Tailoring your program to the demographics of the room.
  • Social Media: continuing the education 24/7.
  • Why FUN is essential & how to integrate it.
  • Hosting Live Virtual Programs.
  • Diversity in Trainings & Programs.
  • Writing a GREAT Script / Speech.
  • Bringing YOU into your style of presenting.
  • Pushback: What TO DO when it happens.
  • Teaching a higher standard than solely consent. 

"I've learned so much"

"In just 3 weeks of Mike Domitrz’s online course, I've learned so much, including new ideas for how to improve my facilitation skills: starting with creating my own success training path; finding out how to ask questions that promote 90% participation, discovering how to tell stories that encourage participant buy-in and much more. I love the enthusiasm of this training and I think you will too!"

Included each month:

Each month, get a LIVE 2-Hour Session with Mike Domitrz.

Each month includes a 2-hour session with Mike Domitrz that starts with Mike teaching specific skills and lessons and concludes with members putting those skills into action in the "Hot Seat" where Mike provides 1-on-1 coaching in front of the group.

AND every other month, participate in interviews with Special Guest Experts, Authors, and Speakers.

Mike will be bringing some of the leading thought leaders and authors in the world to share with you. As part of this course, you get to participate in those special interviews.

Plus get a "Certificate of Completion" with each module that can be worth up to 2 CEUs.


Be part of an Online Community supporting your path to mastery. Join fellow trainers and educators from around the world in this year-round course and community.

Included in the "Mastery Skills Path for Trainers & Educators" Course is an online community space we've created for you and your fellow classmates to share with each other and encourage each other along the way. Students in past courses have shared how powerful having this community is for each other.

Would you love a way to share with and learn from colleagues in similar positions as you are in? We've created Special Communities where people with specific roles can share and support each other, including but not limited to: Military, Law Enforcement & Judicial, Government, K12 Education, Universities, and Nonprofits.


"This course has been transforming for me, which is such an energizing experience after teaching for so long! The team members that signed up try to attend together as much as possible and discuss what we are learning. This has been an awesome investment!" 

Margaret, NHCS Family Life Education teacher, Grades 5th - 8th


On Your Schedule!

No Worries. Watch the Recording in the Online Learning Center.

You get 24/7 access to the video recordings of every session Mike Domitrz leads - including the monthly live 2-hour sessions AND the 1-hour Special Guest Expert Interviews inside the program's Online Learning Center.

Plus, you can GET 2 COURSES for the price of ONE!!

When you choose the ALL ACCESS option when you registration for this course - "Mastery Skills Path for Trainers & Educators" -  you also get the Transformational Training Course led by Mike Domitrz.

The Transformational Training course includes up to 24 CEUs. NOVA has stated each module of this course can earn 2 C.E.U.s. You get each of the following pre-recorded online video lessons:

  • Module 1: Motivation. Theirs and Yours.
  • Module 2: Storytelling.
  • Module 3: Creating the Discussion.
  • Module 4: Humor & How to Integrate.
  • Module 5: Self-Care.
  • Module 6: Challenging Moments
  • Module 7: Technology & Integration.
  • Module 8: Inclusivity & Privilege.
  • Module 9: Safe Spaces for Survivors.
  • Module 10: Addressing Victim Blaming.
  • Module 11: Bystander Intervention.
  • Module 12: Consent Education.

"learn something every session"

"The program is not just a lecture or theory. Through Mike's engaging style, his courses are designed to provide you with skills you can truly use as well as providing a place to practice those skills and receive positive feedback. I learn something every session."

Rachele, Director of Prevention Education

Your instructor & trainer:

With Mike Domitrz, you get one of the most sought after authors, speakers, and subject matter experts for building a culture of respect by making mutually amazing relationships in work and life the norm.

With Mike Domitrz, you get:

  1. An expert, author and speaker who has been presenting an average of over 150 trainings a year around the world for the last 2 decades for educational institutions, the US Military, business of all sizes, and nonprofits.
  2. The first to coin the phrase and develop the model for “Mutually Amazing Relationships."
  3. The architect of the "Slope of Workplace Interactions" Model.
  4. The first to reveal the “9 Daily Displays of Disrespect” and then create the “9 Daily Choices for Respect” in the workplace.
  5. Author of "Can I Kiss You? A thought-provoking look at relationships, intimacy, and sexual assault."
  6. Author of "Voices of Courage."

You may have seen Mike as a featured guest expert on Dateline NBC or being quoted in Forbes or in The Wall Street Journal.

"Mastery Skills Path for Trainers & Educators"
Course and Community 

has every lesson completed and uploaded for you.

REGISTER TODAY and Get the BONUS of all 12 Modules of the Transformational Training Course IMMEDIATELY (36 lessons = 24 C.E.U.s from N.O.V.A.)!!  This is a special offer we are providing for those who register early.

"most engaging online course" and

"its' cost effective"

Hands down the most engaging online course I have ever been a part of. Not only is this course effective, it's cost-effective for the individual and for the greater organization – the US Army. I’ve already received feedback from several officers that my presentation quality has increased (and this was after just completing the first 2 modules).”

Garrett, Victim Advocate

REGISTER for the Course and Join the Community TODAY:

ALL ACCESS = $197 for the entire year.

Get all 12 modules of the "Mastery Skills Path for Trainers & Educators" Course & Community over 12 months.

BONUS for "All Access" Members: 
In addition to the 12 months of the "Mastery Skills Path for Trainers & Educators" Course, you get full access to the "Transformational Training" Course which gives you the opportunity to earn 24 C.E.U.s (pre-approved by N.O.V.A.). This course includes 12 modules with 36 recorded lessons and handouts with each module. Over 100 professionals participated in this course live! You get this jam-packed course INCLUDED!!

Earn up to 24 C.E.U.s.


Mike has never offered a year-round course and community like this before and might not again. Be sure to get registered!

Is this course for me?

Mike Domitrz has designed this course specifically for professionals dedicated to reducing sexual violence and/or teaching healthy relationships. Every lesson has been structured to teach an essential skill set for making a greater impact with others. Many students in this course will be professionals from crisis centers, educational institutions, the US Military, government organizations, and nonprofits.

Get ready for further mastering how to create transformational learning and exploration with those you teach. You will get exclusive content, education, skill sets, and resources for engaging others in some of the most difficult of conversations. Plus, you will be learning from one of the most experienced, sought-after speakers, and subject matter experts, Mike Domitrz.


The best trainers and educators understand the importance of constantly building and refining their skills. By the end of the "Mastery Skills Path for Trainers & Educators" Course, you will have a greater understanding of what is needed to create positive behavioral transformation for reducing sexual violence with every group you work with. You will be further along your path of Mastery for helping create lifelong transformation for those you teach and instruct.

"forever grateful"

"Before attending the Transformational Training Course, I found myself to be shy and anxious when presenting to large audiences. After the training, I find myself building self-esteem and learning how to keep my audience motivated and engaged. Mike has done a great job verbalizing how effective a presenter can be and for that I am forever grateful."

Farrah, HARRT Program Manager, Haven Youth and Prevention


Register today and get immediate access to the 12 Modules in the Transformational Training Course!

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