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Join Mike Domitrz in LIVE virtual trainings that are engaging, high energy, and jam-packed with how-to skills and strategies. Every training includes a "Certificate of Attendance" to apply toward C.E.U.s!!

Workplace respect, healthy relationships, and sexual violence prevention.

Gain Usable Skills

Within the first 15 minutes, Mike Domitrz promises to deliver skills you can implement immediately in your work and/or life.

C.E.U. Certificate

With every training lead by Mike Domitrz, you will receive a separate "Certificate of Attendance" for applying toward C.E.U.s.

1-Hour Guarantee

With many working from home, Mike promises to keep each training at precisely 1-hour to honor your schedule and lifestyle.

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for Educators & Trainers

PRE-APPROVED by N.O.V.A. for 24 C.E.U.s.

Are you an educator or trainer focused on reducing sexual violence and/or teaching healthy relationships? If so, this live virtual and online course is for you! 


Includes 12 learning modules all taught by Mike Domitrz:

  • Motivation: the Why & How. Yours and Theirs.
  • Story - Yours, Theirs, and How It All Impacts.
  • Creating Discussion vs Lecture: the Power of a Question.
  • Humor: Why it's Essential and How To Integrate.
  • Self-Care. The Simple Steps that Can Have Profound Impact.
  • Fears, Hecklers, Overcoming Challenges.
  • Technology & How to Integrate.
  • Being Inclusive & Owning Privilege.
  • Creating a Supportive & Safer Space.
  • Addressing Victim Blaming.
  • Teaching Bystander Intervention.
  • The Keys to Consent Education. 

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Miriam Falk 
Asst Attorney General, Wisconsin Dpt of Justice

"Mike made this online learning experience meaningfully interactive by using polls and encouraging chat posts and questions from participants. I have seen Mike a number of times. I always learn something new, even though I’ve been in this field and doing this work for 35 years now!"

Sue Starr
Employer Liaison, Agilec

"From the first moment Mike's Virtual Program began, his positive, upbeat, natural style commanded viewer engagement! He was informative, energized and highly relevant to EVERYONE! In one webinar, he revealed each of the key ingredients required for building mutually amazing relationships in work and at home!"

Megan Hudson
OD Program Manager
St. Luke's Health System

"Great and relevant material in such a short timeframe. You provided several easy to implement, useful and meaningful tips to help create a workplace built on the foundation of respect."


Mike Domitrz is a Certified Virtual Presenter.

To receive this certification, a professional must complete a certification process which includes a live test using virtual presentation skills with an evaluator. This process insures you get a trainer who can handle any potential challenges and/or technical difficulties in virtual presentations.

Your instructor & trainer:

With Mike Domitrz, you get one of the most sought after authors, speakers, and subject matter experts for building a culture of respect by making mutually amazing relationships in work and life the norm.

With Mike Domitrz, you get:

  1. An expert, author and speaker who has been presenting an average of over 150 trainings a year around the world for the last 2 decades for educational institutions, the US Military, business of all sizes, and nonprofits.
  2. The first to coin the phrase and develop the model for “Mutually Amazing Relationships."
  3. The architect of the "Slope of Workplace Interactions" Model.
  4. The first to reveal the “9 Daily Displays of Disrespect” and then create the “9 Daily Choices for Respect” in the workplace.
  5. Author of "Can I Kiss You? A thought-provoking look at relationships, intimacy, and sexual assault."
  6. Author of "Voices of Courage."

You may have seen Mike as a featured guest expert on Dateline NBC or being quoted in Forbes or in The Wall Street Journal.

Learn more about Mike's Course "2020 Transformational Training" for Educators & Trainers.

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